Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New funky art and something very lovely & inspiring!

Hello again! I have had a bit of free-time, just a bit to play with some of the images in Odd People & Borders and found it to be very fun! These 2 pages are digital, I will have some paper art journal pieces to share very soon! I wanted these 2 pages to look closer to what I would do in an art journal. Very difficult for me, but it has been something I have been wanting to do this year! I think this first one shows it off a more than the second one. I also played with some of the tools in Photoshop....some of them very unfamiliar to me...with no time to take classes I tend to explore the tools on my own. That's just how I roll!
"In all that you do give 110% of yourself." and to "Savor The Moment". Ya, I wrote that! HA! ;o)
At to the "Savor The Moment" ....a moment happens so quickly and then it is gone. So take another moment to savor it! *smiles*
I believe in creating our own magic in life, not just the pulling the rabbit out of a hat trick! Real magic happens everyday! Like receiving something unexpected in your mail box from a dear friend! When your children accomplish something they never thought they could! Or just having an "AH HA" moment! It's all magic...dontcha think?! These days getting your family together for a meal at the dining table is magical all by itself! Little things...can cause a big impact in our day! Treasure them!
And now for some exciting news!
The very wonderful, talented and good friend (oh there goes that "no letting me highlight links again)
Kate Crane of The Kathryn Wheel has went and done it! Something totally wonderful! Very proud to announce her new DVD's!! She even used some of my imagery in her pages of her art journaling DVD's!! I have to say that Kate is very charming and has a delightful accent! She explains things so calmly and thourougly that is so enjoyable to sit back and listen as she tells about art journaling! Better than an A+ in my book!! :O)
You definately won't be sorry to pick these DVD's up!

You can find them all right here:
Again, my sincere apologies for the non-highlighted links! (can ya tell it is bothering me? lol)
As I said earlier, I will be back with some paper art journaling pages! Nothing like getting your hands dirty with some paint and glue! And of course the paper trail through the house! tee hee hee
Much love and hugs,
Don't forget to look for the magic in your day and savor the moments!
Til next time!


  1. Hey, thanks for the shout nancy :-) It was a delight to work with your images (it always is!) Loving your journal pages here, and cant wait to see your paper art journal pages. kate x

  2. Very beautiful post. I really enjoyed reading about savoring a moment and remembering to believe in magic. You've really set the tone for the beginning of my day, thank you.

  3. Love these pages. And when I first saw the first image, I just assumed it was paper. I had no idea at all it was digital! Congrats too for having some of your imagery used in these cool DVDs!