Monday, June 20, 2011

Odd People!!!

Being odd is good! Right?! We should all know odd is my thing, I mean I would have to be odd to come up with some of the creations like these! LOL But, they are so much fun! Really fun to play with!! Cutting off peoples heads, images that is....taking different parts and creating something totally new!! That's my thing! Hope it's yours too!
Odd People Borders is available and on sale today!
Go here and check it out! (again sorry about the link thing..still can't hightlight to make the link more attractive)
And as much as I love to paper play in my art journal... I have also created Collage Sheets! Love my printables! hee hee
I sure hope blogger starts working correctly ...really realllllllly soon! hmmph! *pouting*
Thank you for stopping by, it is always lovely to have a visit from you!!!
Much Love!
Be sure to check out the slideshow above this post to see what the Crow's Team created! Oodles of talent and inspiration!!

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