Friday, December 3, 2010

Do people not understand TOU?

This morning as I was strolling thru blogs, I came across one in particular...I will not mention

any names, but there was this beautiful collage sheet up for sale....With closer inspection...some of my imagery was used in creating the collage sheet!

I did a double take...shaking my head! I ask myself..."Am I really seeing this?"

I am furious!

How could they?

As artists yourself, I am sure you undertand how hard it is to make a go for yourself in the art world! Am I right?

If there is anything I cannot people that steal or lie!

Why would someone do this sort of thing? It hurts me beyond belief!!!

Hoping that they see this post....Let's go over my TOU shall we!

Crowabout StudioB- Terms Of Use
1. Nancy Baumiller retains and reserves the right to update, modify or change The Terms of use for all digital designs at any time.
2. All Copyrights for contents, graphics, art and kits/packs sold online are retained by me, Nancy Baumiller.
3. All Copyrighted images by me, Nancy Baumiller with all Rights Reserved that are purchased from DeviantScrap/Crowabout StudioB may be used in both personal art and small art pieces that you intend to sell with proper credits to Crowabout
4. Would love to see what you with the images and/or published art using my images. (not required)
You may use these images in personal artwork, scrapbooking, art journaling or in small works you intend to sell.
You may sell or give small artworks or scrapbook pages to others using these images and must be received as a flattened image (jpg) or in printed format.
You may use these images on your blog, but they must not be any greater than 1000x1000 at 72 dpi and proper credits should be given to (These images may not be used for commercial web design)
You may however alter these images in any way you like.
You may not sell, share or giveaway or loan to anyone in digital or printed matter as is or in single form even if altered. They must be a part of completed art works or scrapbook layout. These images are for you use only.
You may not used these images in work mass produced.
You may not share these images with family, friends or internet groups of any kind.
You may not use any of these images in any sort of a collection or be sold on CD or as Collage Sheets digital or otherwise.
You may not use any of these images in any sort of Print on Demand services.
You may not display any art, scrapbook layout for any digital use and no greater resolution than 1000 x 1000 72 dpi .
You may not claim any of these images as your own or impression without proper credit given and that they were created by no other than Nancy Baumiller of Crowabout StudioB/
When you post or publish any of your work using my images, please give proper credit as Crowabout StudioB @

Thank you...........
Nancy Baumiller-Crowabout StudioB @


  1. You are way too kind - you should tell us who it is so we can all go and cyber-shout at them. This is theft, it is no different than stealing from a shop (although somehow this seems worse). Onfortunatley there are thieves everywhere and although the internet has opened up a great world for artists and crafters, it has also made it too too easy for thieves.

  2. It's such a sad state that people are so scandalous. It's true that theft is a part of business. I'm sorry for your loss! Will you confront said thief? You should, but I doubt much can be done.

    maybe you can make us aware of the thief so we don't patronize their store?

  3. I'd like to know who it is so I don't purchase from them, like Lotus said. :-)

    I hope you contact them & report them to whatever service they're using to sell their sheets.

  4. Oh Nancy, that's BAD!!! I would be furious too! You did contact them, didn't you?