Sunday, December 19, 2010

Three Muses 81-Challenge-Odd Couple

"He Married Her for Her Pies"
3 Muses 81 Challenge-Odd Couple
The folks you see in this art piece are my grandparents! Both of German decent...My Grandmother was born in Germany...My Grandfather was born in Russia. Both came to America!!
As for the story...I will tell it the best I can...My Grandmother loved to cook and bake! Such yummy treats she would bring into our home! Grandma had been making pies one day and would cool them on the window sill. Grandpa...out for his daily walks would walk by her home and smell these delishious pies! One day he went to Grandmas house and asked for some pie. This went on for awhile and Grandpa eventually proposed marriage to her!
These two lovely folks would come to our house for the holidays and bring lots of yummy treats! After the feast and all the clean up was done. We would all sit at a large table and play Po-Ke-No! We gave the game a twist...and would put 3 empty cups in the center of the table. Everyone would save their pennies up just for this event. In each cup we would put one penny. Corners, Middle and Pokeno. Which ever one was called out you would get the pennies from the appropriate cup. We all called it gambling! hehe Grandma and Grandpa were always good for a giggle or two. Grandpa...he would cheat and call "POKENO" with a sly grin on his face! lol Grandma would shumuck his arm and curse at him in German...pretty sure she called him a "Dummy" haha And would wag her finger at him and say, "You just wait till I get you home mister!" And Grandpas grin would broaden even more! lol
Here is the original photo I used to extract the image of them for the art piece. Their wedding photo! Wouldn't you know it....after 50 years of Grandpa proposed again and they renewed their wedding vows on their 50th wedding anniversary! How sweet is that! I miss these wonderful people! They are both angels now!

This is an image I found online to show you the game Po-Ke-No!! I have one...I had searched Etsy for one and got one of the original games and all the pieces were there! Perfect condition! :O) And now when the holidays come...I play it with my 2 daughters! FUN!

Hope you enjoy this little story! It is all true! I may not be the best writer but my memories of them vivid in my mind and etched in my heart forever!

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Background: Backgrounds & Alpha -Crowabout StudioB @
House, animal faces, tree, boat & Suitcase: Ode To A Muse-FineCrafted Designs & Holliewood Studio
Pie: Granny Art
Water: Created with Found Texture

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  1. Love this collage and the story about remembering your Grandparents and all the fun memories! Hugs! xox

  2. Nancy your Odd Couple are brilliant and I just so loved reading your grand parents' story. You deserve some very loud applause.

  3. Wow! Not only have you given us a delightful odd couple but a glance into the life of your grandparents. I enjoyed this story so much. Their wedding picture is priceless. And I have learned a new word - "shumuck". It rolls off the tongue and I think I will adopt it for my own use. Thanks Nancy!