Saturday, October 1, 2011

A must have e-book! You Are Beautiful

Hello Friends!

I have some really exciting news to share with you!

My super great BFF & inspirational artist Stephanie-Voss , some of you may know her as joyuslion, has just published her very first Self-Help E-Book! Way to go girl!

I was honored to be one of the first people to view and read this E-Book " If I Could Tell You Just One Thing it Would Be This: You Are Beautiful" by Stephanie Voss !! This E-book is a must have! It is very informative and very beautifully written Self-Help book I have ever read! I hope you will visit Stephanie and grab up this super fantastic book for yourself! I've got mine and I read it on a daily basis and will treasure it always!

Read below and see what it is all about, then follow the provided link!

If I Could Tell You Just One Thing it Would Be This:



Stephanie Voss

Published Author

If I Could Tell You Just One Thing it Would Be This: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!
you are enough, capable, wise, loving, caring and good. you can believe in yourself, take care of you and making a difference in this world. you can give to the world what no one else can! do it! be free!
Are you living life day in and day out with just a little something missing?
Do you feel like you do, and do, and do for everyone else and end up being too tired to really do anything for yourself; feel used up? Are you often confused about just who you are… deep inside?
Has anyone ever made you feel like you are not enough?
Do you, even if secretly, feel that others are wise but you aren’t?
Do you see yourself as a loving and caring person?
Do you struggle with believing in yourself and taking good care of you?
Do you ever think that everybody else is making valuable contributions to this world except you?
Oh, Dear One, if you can say yes to any of these questions please read this ebook and realize that you are sooooo much more than you think!
Follow this LINK to the gentle reminder of how great you are!

Thank you Stephanie for creating and writing this BEAUTIFUL E-book!

You totally rock girl!!

Be sure to click that link and see future things to come from Stephanie Voss!

I am so excited!



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