Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Want Peace?

Dove Photo compliments of Microsoft Clipart

Surely at one time or another we have all heard or said, "I wish (or Pray) for world peace."

Wishing or praying for it is great but we can't just simply wish or pray for it! We have to create it!

It all starts with just one person! One person doing a kind thing for another.

Our soul purpose on this earth is to help each other and in return we create happiness and ease suffering.

Can you just imagine this world being peaceful and a happy place to be?

I know I can!

Ever wondered what your purpose on this earth was? Well, now you know!

Maybe today your day is just not going well. You can make it better! Each day we are given we have a choice to be happy or the opposite...sad. It is totally up to you!

Yes! Really!

So, start by saying, "Today, I am going to be happy!" and then spread happiness to others!

I have been doing this for the last week and let me tell you...It works!

I feel no stress, even though I am broke and not knowing how I will get through the month. I let it all go! I am not going to worry about it, I am not about to let it stress me out. Money is one of our biggest stressors. Let it go! Whatever it may be for you...let it go!

Let the things that are bothering you just shed away. Let them fall away from you. Let the chips fall where they may and deal with them as they come to you. If you are in a happy place and not stressed out, these dealings will come easier and you'll be able to deal with them head on without wanting to pull your hair out! ;O) *wink*

Now, what is one nice thing that you can do for someone else today and not expect anything in return? Smile at someone! Offer to share a meal with someone homeless. Even if it's just Mickey D's! Help some one who dropped their things on the ground! Make a dinner for your immediate family...light candles, get out those nice dishes and glassware! Lend an ear to someone who just wants to let it out! Offer a shoulder for someone to cry on! The list goes on and on!

There is one person out there that has it way worse than you right now, a person sitting next to you may be suffering something and you have no clue. Every one suffers from something. Making someones day will definately lighten their day as well as yours!

Now go! Start creating peace!

Much love, hugs & blessings,



Listening to George Winston- A genius on a piano! Go to YouTube type in George Winston and have a listen. I love his December album. Lovely!


  1. This is such a lovely, uplifting and inspiring post and it really resonates with where I am right now, myself. This is such a beautiful lesson to encourage others to learn. Thank you. penny

  2. why not????
    I am going to be happy too!!!!