Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blog awards! New Art and a late disintegration project

Hello! When I finally got home at 4PM EST after running myself crazy all over town, I opened my email to find that the lovely Shelly a very good friend of mine with an ornery sense of humor said she had an award on her blog for me! Thank you Shelly! Thank you for always being yourself and picking on me! Love you!
Now I need to give this award to 7 people...and you all must know just how hard it is to just pick 7! And of course I have to list 7 things or facts about myself!
7 awards for 7 lovely people!
Oh gosh! 7 things or facts about myself....ummmm welll
1. I don't like mixed drinks so much but I do like my beer and with green olives in it! I know yuck! I like the salt taste!
2. I would rather eat vegies raw or cooked for a late snack vs. sweet snacks. I wonder who stole my sweet tooth!
3. My morning ritual consists of a fresh cup of coffee and sitting at the computer to wake up. Bugs me when someone beats me to it and have to wait! LOL ***Pout***
4. I forgot what my pin number was today and had to drive for an hour to get to the nearest bank to reset it! Hell fire!! LOL This isn't the first time! :oP (shut up shelly I hear you laughing)
5. I don't eat breakfast.
6. It takes me forever and a day to get comfortable enough to get to sleep at night! I am such a fidget butt! I am sure it drives my husband mad! Oh wait! To late for that! Mwahhhhahahaha!
7. I am sure you don't want to know this but I can say, "Burp, Belch, B***h and Ribet" when I.... you guessed it....Burp! ***blushes***giggles***
Ok enough of this boohookie! LOL Onto some art!

Copyright 2009 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved


As to say...You can always find a little light in each day!

And then there is something hanging from my porch!

Look at those tree covered hills would you! Now look up! Not the sky silly...pretty yes...but there hanging with lots of paper and string! Ahh there ya go! Old papers new papers oh how delish it is! Oh yes and a tea bag...thought if those papers were going to get wet time to time it might like a spot of tea once in awhile! **Grin** Thanks to Seths past post of the "Disintegration Project" as I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to take a photo of it before the weather gets to it...and then later on ...I am thinking a month...we get quite a bit of rain, wind, humidy, and doesn't hurt on those hot sunny days to let the kids run amuck with squirt guns! HAHA I know that is cheating...But Hey! I didn't do it! lol

Off to make dinner....hmmm steak or porkchops???

Much love and hugs!




  1. You are sooo funny! Thanks for being you!


  2. Aaah Nancy, thanks for the award! Your such a hun, and I'm so glad I found you on the net! Your "outside project" looks soooo tempting!
    I played with gel medium yesterday, but today I'm gonna put some paper & string together, maybe a teabag too (great idea!) and hang it outside. Thunderstorms are predicted! And some pigeons on my pergola will give an extra effect (??)I'll publish a pic too, soon.

  3. Love all of your personal factoids AND the disintegration project. OMG! I'm a fidget at night too! Can't tell you how many times I turn, fluff the pillow, etc. Takes 4-EVER to get to sleep! And . . . I start my day with coffee and the 'puter too! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. Thank you so much for passing this award on to me Nancy. Loved reading your seven secrets too! Your Disintegration bundle looks fantastic already. And BTW, squirt guns are allowed! LOL!

  5. That is just so very cool, the paper hanging! What a a neat thing to do. It looks like an art hanging itself!

    And whoop! whoop! Congratulations on your award (I got it from someone too - it's a cool one, huh?). You are more than deserving. I get more inspiration from you than you will ever know!