Monday, July 6, 2009

She Catches Only Good Dreams and Holds Them Tight...

Copyright 2009 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved
"Dream Catcher"
As well all know dreamcatchers are made to catch bad dreams...This dream catcher happens to grab hold of the good dreams and keep them safe! I guess maybe she could be me in a sense...of holding on to my dreams and not letting go or giving up on them! :O)
Materials used: The base is a vintage childrens encycopedia cover then gessoed over and let dry. Then a layer of journaling, layers of vintage papers, vintage tissue dress pattern, tissue paper and then the image of the baby girl, ink, stenciling and oil pastels were used for the aged effect and if you look to the lower half of the piece behind the baby girl...I attempted (keyword lol) a gel medium transfer...let's just say it didn't turn out the way it was intended to. But it did however create a wonderful effect! When all this was finished I sat staring at it for a little while and thought how wonderful it would look with beeswax over all! So I am sure you can guess what I did! hee hee The feel of it is so yummy! The texture is awesome! Oh! and by the way no one in my family likes the smell of beeswax but me! LOL I told with it! **grin** I know what I am doing with this will see later on what it will be! ;O)
I have a few other pieces to show this week that I am pretty excited about! I think you will like them too! Maybe not...are you missing the Zettiness yet? lol Things are changing so quickly and evoloving into other things, ideas, dreams and showing themselves little by little! I am sure I will do more Zetti eventually....Right now I got to grasp this adventure by the horns and see where it takes me! You ever get that feeling that something is changing and just don't know what it is or what it will become? Well, this is one of those times! I must flow with it right?!
So how was everyone's 4th of July celebrations? I hope it was a happy and fun time for all of you! We were (except for I) pretty lazy! lol While preparing the feast I was also out you guessed er chester ...mowing the lawn...LOL I am actually starting to enjoy it and not such a big chicken anymore...although I did get one of the tires stuck in a hole ...and guess who just happened to be hubby! LOL I could just make out the grin on his face...just knowing he was here I was rocking back and forth trying to get loose...ended up having to throw the thing in reverse to get out and start again! Sheesh!
I have this feeling I am supposed to get something done today and just can't put my finger on it...hate when that happens...I guess I better call my hub who once again is headed out of town and see if Mister Remembers Everything knows what it is! If it isn't anything I will mostly likely just shrug it off and do some more art! :O) Works for me!
And just how did I miss This post on Seth Apter's blog! So guess what I am doing?! I thought I would try it out for myself! I gathered paper from all over the house, newspaper, used envelopes, newsprint, vintage papers...and so much more...tied it up with twine! I love the way the papers look all gathered and tied with twine! Yum! Later today I am headed down to the shed to see what rusty treasures I can find to add to it! I am sure there are lots of goodies to be found in there! I will get a photo of it all later and show you how yummy these bundles are!
Off to call my hub and see what my lack of memory is forgetting! Nothing new! lol
Much Love and Hugs!


  1. Hey Nancy! So glad you saw my post and decided to join in and create your own disintegrating bundle! It sounds great and I look forward to the photos!

  2. I love it, when "adventures" happen, like putting paper in the snow - lovely link you posted there! Might try that myself... but now I'm off to play with my gel medium (I was on my way upstairs to get it, stopped at the computer and your place, seriously! So what will I do with the gel medium? teehee!)

  3. Hey Girlie girl, I love this new page beeswax and all! I love the smell of beeswax in the morning....I love all the layers involved! I sure wish I had been standing next to your husband watching you trying to get out of that hole!! Can you hear me laughing?

    By the way, I left you an award on my bloggie!! xox

  4. Thanks for stopping by Seth! I am eager to see the changes in about a month...although it is summer here and it does rain having a squirt gun is a bit fun lol I think it was Eb who used a teabag...i also attached one with it! I will post it later! xoxo

  5. Hmmm Marit going upstairs to play in gel medium does tend to make a persons mind wonder a bit! hee hee ;O) xoxo

  6. Howdy doo Shelly! I do love the smell of beeswax too! You know what woman?! lol Your just not right! But I loves ya! Thanks for you comments! xoxo

  7. I love this one. So subtle. And like the effect of the beeswax.