Monday, July 27, 2009

Soar High!!!

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"Soar High"
"No bird soars too high if she soars with her own wings." ~unknown
I changed the wording of this quote, instead of "he" and "his", I changed it to "she" and "her". Just sounded better to me, since I am not a he nor a his! LOL
Background: Neo II's
Border: Images from , (bird-in lower right corner), magazine tid bits, decorative paper, handmade paper and personal images from my own art.
Main Image: Hat-made from decorative paper and paint pens.
Body: magazine tidbits and handmade arm/hand.
Legs: Magazine tid bit.
Words: Magazine letters, vintage labels.
Details: added with colored pencils, paint pens and other various pens.
I had another art piece that I finished previous to this one but I had added a image of a bird that overlaps one of the top corners and having a hard time scanning it in...scan bed too small....I may have to photograph it....and y'all know how bad I take photos LOL
The weekend was nice and two art pieces done amongst doing laundry and baking homemade cinny rolls! **grin** Hubby was home for the weekend and spent most of his time sleeping or lounging around, so not much to talk about here! lol I was kind of a crabby bum and pretty much stayed to myself as to not make everyone else a crab! lol
Tomorrow my oldest daughter has another ob/gyn appt. The appts are now two weeks apart and she now has to take medication to stop labor contractions. I guess that little granddaughter of mine just can't wait to get out into the world! Be good little one and wait awhile, your birthday will come soon enough. Your poor grandma is getting grayer by the minute! LOL Amira's due date is October 6th....hang in their baby girl! xoxo We are all hoping to have our daughter induced approx. 2 weeks earlier than her due date....being that Amira doesn't want to wait lol and plus my Hubby can be home for this blessed event! He wasn't able to be at the birth of our first grandchild.
Plus, we will have a pleasant visitor during the birthing of our second grandchild...Just recently we received some interesting news...My Hubby has another child...a daughter!!! Ya I know! What! His first marriage fell apart and they parted ways and his ex wife for some reason didn't tell my Hub that she was pregnant again! He had moved to California at that time. But his ex had hid all this from him and her daughter for 30 years and telling them both she had a different daddy!! She finally came clean and told her daughter and got to talk to her daddy for the first time and hit it off right off the bat! I am so happy for the both of them and Missy will be here for a week in September!! How cool is that!!?? And she had two children herself ...a boy and a girl! More grandkids! :O)
And more great news!! My hub got to talk to both of his half-sisters! Gosh our family sounds a mess! LOL But it is family and we love like nothing else! How exciting!!! I hope we get to see them soon also! I think I am going to need a huge dining table for the holidays! LMAO Well at least I won't have to worry about cooking more than I do...I already cook for an army!!! hee hee
Ok enough gabbing for while! I think I will go work on some more backgrounds and borders!!
Have a wonderful day!!!
Love and hugs,


  1. I sure hope all goes well with the baby, and so enjoyed reading this have a family like ours...big, so much going on too!!!
    I can't find the #46 challenge...dah!!! I'm so forgetful...getting old..ehehhe!!

  2. Wonderful artpage and confusing story... had to read it twice to figure the family out (sort of...) Ah,well, everybody happy! That's good! Tell your (grand)daughter to stay calm, October girls are the best you know! (teehee, guess when I was born?)

  3. I just love visiting you!!!
    Such talent to share, thanks!

  4. Lol congrats !!! I know just what you mean about grandkids .... I have 7 .. 2 of which were inherited lol
    Great collage Nancy, love the fun too and the saying
    Hugs June xxx

  5. Very cool idea! Love the egg body and legs. :)

  6. Okay, um, WOW! You definitely get the WOW blog award! Holy cow what an exciting time of it you've had! And lots of congratulations are in order! CONGRATULATIONS!

    Your new piece is SPECTACULAR! I keep going to your Etsy (though this one wasn't there last time I checked) and drooling and thinking and I can't choose. One of these days it will be clear and I will know a piece is meant for me to have! Everything you do is amazing, Nancy.