Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Art Journaling....

I created this art journal last year not sure if you remember my "Second Childhood" journal created with altered manilla folders? Maybe this will help! I really can't help when inspiration changes and how we all like to try new things in our art journals! Isn't that what their for after all?! That's what I thought! hee hee
For awhile now I have been saving all my favorite decorating magazine pages and not really knowing what to do with them and in hopes to some day utilize them in home I thought...why not paste them in my art journal so I know where they are and I can carry it when it comes time to shopping for items simular...and who's to say I can't add a little funky art to it?!
Why not!!! So I did! ;o)

On this page I added a dining room that I adored...I even added an old library pocket and altered a tag that I received in a swap awhile back, that has a handmade wire photo and letter holder and inserted the tag into the pocket! I like that! Up on the right top, that little reddish/orange rectangular piece is not very clear to view but I can tell you it has a kitty cat that I drew on it! lol Also added, decorative papers, a few paper collage pieces from Teesha !!
Which I don't know why, reminds me I need to show you soon a photo of how I organized all my least for the time being...since I am limited to storage space! One day I tell ya...I will have a studio again!! I do miss have the space to spread out and iffn I wanna leave the mess as is I will do as so! :OP hee hee Even if it only takes me 5 minutes to put it all away now! lol
The weekend was long and drawn out which is okay by me because my hub was home, I sure miss him here! And of course it rained once again this weekend! So we were all stuck in doors...everyone being lazy except for Mr. Get Into Everything Grandson Gabriel! LOL I swear he can tear up housekeeping in no time flat! lol Most everyone else was either watching a movie in their room, sleeping or like me creating in my art journal for a change! It was nice!
That is pretty much it for now!
Much love and hugs!


  1. And now you got me in love with that pink cabinet on the top Art Journal page... (and I don't have a studio or place to put it... but wouldn't it be nice to fill it up with stamps??? Oooohhhh...)

  2. Will you please come to my house and teach me how to do this? I'd give anything to figure out how to do journal pieces. They scare me to death and yet I eat yours up like candy. They are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!