Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blog Love and Journal Goodness!!!

This award is just the sweetest, as so is the person who gave it to me! Alberta from Amusingmuses2!!!! You are the bestest! I love you my friend! Thank you!
If you have not met and visited Alberta! A must is in order! She has the most beautiful personality, gorgeous art and so very inspiring!! She is amazing!
Now I will pass this on to 5 people who's blog makes me smile!!
That is another toughie...but to make it fair...I think this time I will pass it on to blogs that I have been shamefully lurking about on... So here goes!
  • Rian at Frebel-Art For all her delish eye candy on her blog and helpful tutorials in digital goodness! Anddddddddd OMG you have to check out her new website!! OMG!! Click on everything!! I am serious!! Oh so gorgeous!! You did an overwhelming (in a good way-a REALLY good way) fantabulishous (new word hee hee) job girl!!! YUM!

  • Hope at Besottment also of Paper-Relics I swear, this gal gives art journaling a really good name!! Her art journals are so very inspiring and so fun to look at! I could look at her journals allllllllllll dayyyyyyyyyy loooooongg and never bore!!

  • Joei at Joeiintokyo I just found this blog today and my my my!!! Such beautiful art and art journals! LOVE!!!

  • Gaby at gaby-cajubrasil Such yumminess..and oodles of sharing going on!!!

  • Winna at Winna's World...More yummy art journal goodness! Her pages are good enough to eat!!!

Thank you all, for such inspiring art, art journal goodness, lovely souls and sharing your world with us!!!

Now on to some art journaling I did this morning!!

Copyright 2009 Nancy Baumiller All Rights Reserved
(do not copy or download)

Materials used: Acrylic paints, rubberstamping/ink, vintage/image/painting from a vintage encyclopedia that I had picked up awhile back at an antique/junk shop in South Carolina and colored pencils.

I don't know about you, but I could get lost in those colors or eat the page! LOL

Today has flown by and I must go...make dinner before everyone here starves to death! heeee Think I will just throw together a nice casserole dish! It has been a very rainy day and it just sounds good! Maybe soup!

Much Love and Hugs!




  1. Fabulous, yummy-colored page, Nancy! Congrats on your award - so well deserved- and on passing it on to these deserving recipients. I'm familiar with some of these wonderful places, so thanks for introducing me to a few more! xoxoxo

  2. Woww, what a honor and pleasure !!!! Thanks for having me here and it is DOUBLE pleasure and inspiration by looking your blog, thanks !

  3. Amazing Nancy.
    what a kind (ANDDDDDD fantastic !!) compliments.
    In the Netherlands we would say "Harstikke bedankt meid" :-)
    And you have also visit my new website !!
    I'm so happy that you liked it !
    Thanks for your AWARD. I'm realy honored ( i hope i translated that word well ??)
    About your own art.
    Now it's MY turn to be a "lurker" LOL.
    I can't help it but when i read that word i have to SMILE. It's such a funny word for me.
    Further, i agree with Terri.
    My thanks for also introducing me to some more friends of you !!
    Have a nice day Nancy and warm greetings from Rian
    And ow....have you seen my new freebies ?
    Next saturday 1 august, they are available at riandesign. :-)

  4. I could definitely eat that page...the blue and red were made for each other and...FILE FOLDERS!!!??? I am on a mad hunt to see if I have any laying around to make a journal out of! Thanks for the new links and wonderful ideas!

  5. Lovely page again Nancy! And thanks for the links... some new blogs to look at and a Dutch one among them... I'm off to take a look!

  6. I've been trying to comment you for like an hour but I keep getting side tracked with the lovely links you left! Wow! Congratulations for another well deserved award too!

    Your journal page is delicious! DELICIOUS! Oh Nancy your work makes my heart go pitter patter.

  7. Love it! Beautiful colors and image, and I love your doodles!

  8. lovely creation Nancy...I also love the colors!!! Now to check out the blogs you've been lurking in...shame on ya!!! hehehehe!! Just kiddin hon..