Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Organizing paper....well somewhat for now

I believe in my last post I mentioned that I had organized my paper it is all in bags in one of my drawers from a cart I have for everything. Then in the below picture I have them all layed out to show you!
From Top left corner one bag with tissue paper and tissue patterns for clothing (ah naw I don't sew clothing) Then going right...a bag of teesha moore imagery...magazine tear sheets for art and then printed row starting on the left going 3 bags across of vintage paper stuff for art...front row is a small box of vintage labels of all kinds and other small things...kawaii (sp) stickers and fun little note papers and last but not least a bag of decorative paper...that's not all my paper....I do have an unused pizza box stuffed full of 12 x12 decorative papers!

This will work for now! I had paper here there and everywhere and wanted it all in basically one spot and one drawer I could pull out to make it easier when I do want to play with paper!!

No art today...sowwy! No time...I did however get almost all the grass mowed...two more little spots and one large one...and then I will be done with that for a week...and ya got to weed wack...hmmm might save that for the ol man when he gets home! LOL hee hee

Off to go relax and watch a movie!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!!

Much love and hugs!




  1. I'm sorry I've been such a stranger! But I am glad to read you got the mowing done with no lost appendages again. I would have been happy to organize (and snoop through) all of your paper. It looks like heaven! What a mountain of inspiration you have there!

    I'm off to catch up some more. Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm sooooo glad seeing all these paper... I feel less guilty now for being such a hoarder! (and no, I won't take pics, mine isn't as organized and all over the house... not to mention stickers-paint-thread-embellishments-alphabet stickers-stamps and-so-on-and-so-forth) I don't have a studio:(

  3. I've had this post starred for a while to come back to. Isn't it amazing how quickly your stash grows? I love seeing how other people organize their stuff.